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Reef Etiquette PSA
Coral Reefs and the near shore marine environment are being damaged at an alarming rate. Pressure from visitors, land development, and over-fishing threaten the coral reefs of Hawaii everyday. Millions of people across the state are walking on the reef, feeding fish, littering, touching and harassing turtles and distressing endangered marine mammals such as the Hawaiian Monk Seals.

This PSA not only illustrates this fragile coastal environment, but also teaches visitors how to enjoy, respect and preserve the Hawaiian reefs. It encourages action and shows viewers that "you can make a difference". With stunning underwater video of the Hawaiian Islands the eight-minute PSA is a visual experience that speaks to adults and children alike. It happens entirely underwater with the fish talking to deliver the message of conservation. It is based on Hawaiian lore with original music and narration from some of Hawai'i's top entertainers.

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