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These Public Service Announcements (PSAs) are available at no cost* to those in the tourism industry and to educational facilities. Our island lifestyles depend on healthy marine environments, and your help is essential to the success of these outreach projects.

If you are interested in the Hawaii Reef Etiquette PSA for private viewing, you can purchase a copy of the Hawaiian Blue DVD which includes the PSA as a special feature.

* For DVDs, there is a $5 charge to cover shipping and handling.

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Caribbean Marine Etiquette PSA

Roco gua'kia caicu, Roco gua'kia bagua
Know our reef, Know our sea (Arawak Indian)

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Caribbean Marine Etiquette

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Hawai'i Reef Etiquette PSA

Aloha, Apopo O Na Kamali'i
Made with love for the children of tomorrow

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Hawai'i Reef Etiquette

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